What is Housing Jigsaw?

Housing Jigsaw is the umbrella term for a series of intuitive, interactive and user-friendly modules designed to support local authorities manage their front line services. The modules currently include housing options & homelessness, housing register & allocations functions and a referral & notifications module. Housing Jigsaw is not simply an IT product, it is a housing options solution based on an IT platform. Housing Jigsaw combines practical support and advice with easy-to-use software, which allows councils to meet their new legal obligations. Delivered in partnership between Housing Partners and the National Practitioner Support Service (NPSS), it’s built around the NPSS Homelessness Reduction Act Flowchart© and is the only suite of solutions designed for practitioners by practitioners.


Housing Jigsaw is currently made up of four modules that combine to provide key support functions for local authority Housing Options services. It incorporates an easy-to-use system with intuitive design that is created to support local authorities and their partner agencies to manage front-line housing services. System configuration enables your local authority to manage questions and features within each module.


There is a dedicated team of Housing Partners and NPSS staff working together to provide local authorities with demonstrations and personalised on-boarding, as well as training either remotely via webinar or in person. The Housing Partners helpdesk is run by a highly experienced team, dealing with tens of thousands of calls each year and trained to answer technical questions on Housing Jigsaw. NPSS also provide an advice phone line and email service for questions on the legislation.

No Hidden Costs

We believe in clear and transparent pricing so the cost of Housing Jigsaw includes all upgrades, standard configuration and data storage requirements. The standard Housing Jigsaw system comes with free training and there are no hidden costs. You can take a look at our pricing and approach here

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Data Checklist


Housing Jigsaw is fully H-CLIC and P1E ready and able to deliver secure XML and other data formats to ensure compliance with the reporting requirements of the Act. The data schema has been aligned to Housing Jigsaw, whilst Housing Partners will be able to work with local authority technical teams to help transfer legacy data into the new H-CLIC format on PRAH.


The system is fully GDPR compliant. Housing Partners are fully ISO27001 accredited and have been for over five years. This means that customer data is safely stored with us and automatically archived in a highly secure data centre in Dublin, ensuring full compliance with EU data regulations.


There is regular penetration testing and monitoring for suspicious activity along with adherence to best practice in identity management and role-based access, amongst other industry best practice measures around encryption and access. A full spec can be requested.


Housing Jigsaw is built on robust and future proof technology and hosted in the cloud using Microsoft Azure – one of the most secure platforms available. Cloud computing is now highly advanced and commonly accepted – nearly 70% of businesses and organisations are already using cloud technology to improve performance, security and loss prevention. All Housing Partners products sit on the Azure cloud and reported a 99.99% uptime through 2017.


Housing Jigsaw has one inbound (your system can request information from Housing Jigsaw) Application Programming Interface (API) included free of charge. Two bulk upload tools allow you to move legacy cases and temporary accommodation information into PRAH. We can also offer to build additional bespoke interfaces for those that want special integration for instance, to existing Housing Management and Document Management solutions. This tailored work is chargeable.


Ordering Housing Jigsaw is even easier now we are on the G-Cloud, which further eases and adds certainty throughout the procurement process. The G-Cloud Digital Marketplace has been created by the Government to allow public sector bodies to buy cloud based digital services in a cost effective way. Simply ask us for the relevant paperwork and G-Cloud reference number. We can then have Housing Jigsaw operational for you within a day.

What people are saying

When you log in the dashboard is very clear on how many cases you have at what stage and the actions that need requiring

It follows, very thoroughly, the legal process/journey of the HRA and therefore there is little risk of the officers missing a step or decision

It produces the PHP as a live document throughout the life of the case

I like the idea that it will be accessible to the customer via the customer portal and agencies will have a tool to be compliant with the duty to refer

The amount of information that the officers have learned about the HRA just by using it

We pay one fee – not what we’re used to – there are no hidden costs

Everything is in one place – a one stop shop!

Designed by practitioners for practitioners

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